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Logo then Geopill when available if pill. Four Seasons Hotel Bogota. Which Bogota hotels are on sale?

This was my third trip to Bogota in the past several years. On my first poker trip to Bogota, I failed to find many poker rooms since there is virtually no information on the weband the place I did find closed just a few months after I left. While playing there, I got a lead on many other casinos that offered poker and knew I'd need to go back.

Since I love the city, beau casino really enjoy casinos poker texas holdem bogota friendliness of the players, I was more than happy to return. In my previous article on Bogota poker roomsI commented on the friendliness of the people, the beauty of the women, the quality and inexpensiveness of the dining, shopping, and the low cost of reasonable accommodations, so rather than repeat myself, I'll casinos poker texas holdem bogota jump straight into the poker!

Mon-Thu 3pm Mon-Thu 7pm tables open around 5: Tue-Fri 2pm Tue-Fri 6pm tables open around 8: These are the USD equivalents for the games offered:. In addition to the 6 casinos listed above, there is also: There are also plenty of other casinos in Bogota, so it is entirely possible that I missed a couple.

However, I can confirm that as of May the following Bogota casinos do not have poker:. Calle 19 - Centro Comercial Calima Piso 3. There is also a small casino on the first floor, called Stars Casino, but it is just slot machines. Although the New York Casino has 3 tables, they only ever seem to use one. The game starts daily at 2pm and typically runs until 2 am.

The New York Casino is located right next to the food court, which stays open late, which is a bonus if you get the munchies late at night. Don't let the crummy entrance fool you - Caribe Centro can you make money playing online casinos actually a very nice, large casino.

However, despite having plenty of machines and table games, they have just 2 poker tables. In additon to having the lowest rake in Bogota, the Casino Caribe Centro also offers a jackpot, for which there is no additional charge they pay for it from the rake.

Located in the Gran Estacion Mall. They have 2 poker tables, but both were covered in tarp when I visited, and I was informed that they no longer have poker. However, several local poker players insisted that Casino Golden Station did in fact have poker, so either their information was old, or the lack of poker I witnessed was temporary. Hollywood Casino is probably the biggest and the nicest casino in Bogota, so its only logical that they also have one of the biggest and nicest poker rooms.

They offer two tournaments every Monday to Thursday. The second tournament starts around 7: The cash game starts around 5pm and runs until roughly 3am 5am on Fridays and Saturdays. The rake is one of the most competitive in Bogota, and the large intervals between rake triggers means that you will pay far less than the listed bogota on average.

Luckia Casino has the casinos poker texas holdem bogota poker room in Bogota. Like Hollywood Casino they have 5 poker tables, but unlike Hollywood their focus is entirely on cash games. By evening they almost always bogota at least 3 full tables.

At least one table survives until 6am, when the room closes. Inexplicably, Luckia's poker room is closed on Sundays. However, the poker in Bogota is very loose, casinos several pots will hit the rake cap every hour. The jackpot is a combination of a bad beat and high hand reward.

You must use both hole cards, but there is no minimum pot size to qualify, nor is a free money for casinos necessary. However, you must complete your hand before everyone folds, so I'd strongly recommend not semi-bluffing your straight-flush draws.

I was surprised to learn that Luckia's poker room is run by a fellow I knew when I lived in Costa Rica. His name is Juan Carlos Rivera, and if you plan to take a poker trip to Bogota, you can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. He speaks English and Spanish fluently. The Rock'n Jazz is a beautiful, well-lit, popular casino right in the heart of Bogota's entertainment district.

The tournaments start around 7 pm. Luckily, the Rock'n Jazz is just a short walk away from Luckia Casinoso if you enjoy rebuy tournaments, you can still play cash games before or after or bothand can eat at one of the many fantastic restaurants nearby in between! Poker texas is another casino that is located inside of a mall. Although this a somewhat small casino, they do have a semi-private poker room with 2 tables it is shared with VIP tables. However, the poker tables are a little cramped, and overall the casino is a little dark.

Casino San Rafael have a rebuy tournament every Thursday at 6: However, they bogota fail to fill a single table. Located in the Zona Rosa entertainment districtthis is a fairly large casino. They have a beautiful 4 table poker room, but sadly all they offer is a weekly multi-day tournament. If you like high stakes, multi-day tournaments, then the Crown Casino Zona T is definitely the place for you. The top 10 players from each day qualify for the 4 table final on Saturday.

If you want to play cash after the tournament, head over to the Luckiawhich is less than a block away. When this was first explained to me, I assumed that my Spanish had let me down and that my question was misunderstood. I am constantly amazed at how poorly latin american businesses utilize the internet. Finding poker rooms in Bogota was a chore. If you search for "Luckia Casino Bogota", Google will tell you that the casino is "permanently closed" it's not. This casino was officially opened in Aprilbut they don't even have a website Bogota is an amazing city, and definitely worth a visit.

The dining is excellent, and the prices for food and accommodations are outstanding. There is also plenty of poker, but not much higher stakes, and very little Omaha which is funny considering that the locals give a LOT of action. What do you think? Is Bogota worth a visit? Comments powered by CComment. Casino keygen verite disable Ad-Block on this site if you are unable to see the banner above.

If you want to play multi-table tournaments, you need to fl gambling some things to mitigate the variance in your results or you either risk going broke, or being stuck in an eternal grind. While the rake is excessive, there is plenty of loose action that more than makes up for it. Between the availability of high stakes and the abundance of loose action, Panama City is by far the best place to play poker in Central America.

Ivey's amazing poker tournament results are even more spectacular when you consider that tournament poker is not his preferred game! Primarily playing large field poker tournaments is one of the easiest ways to go broke! Winning players can play thousands of these events without showing profit simply because the poker variance is so high. If you believe you are a winning poker player, but are not getting the results you expect from tournament play, then you will find the information presented in this article as helpful as it is shocking!

The latest is to increase PokerStars rake for a variety of games. Click the "read more" button to learn about the rake increases at PokerStars, and whether they will affect you. In addition to discussing casino in mexico changes implemented by Amaya, we will also highlight the best alternative online poker sites for players adversely affected by these changes.

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There are several decent poker rooms in San Jose, Costa Rica. I headed to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to check out the poker scene there. I somehow managed to show a profit despite some abysmal luck, but did not much enjoy the trip. The most commonly spread games are tough to beat due to high rake and short buy-ins, and the atmosphere at the tables is one of the worst I have ever encountered.

Although the amount of poker in Bogota was disappointing especially considering the city's populationthis was still one of my favorite poker trips. The reasonable prices, excellent dining, friendly people, and abundance of stunningly beautiful women made for a wonderful vacation. Sadly, the locals seem to prefer playing tournaments and I was looking primarily to play cash games. However, the cash games I managed to find were loose, with plenty of action, but fairly small stakes, casinos poker texas holdem bogota.

Bogota Poker Room Summary Calima. VIP room, slightly crampeddark. VIP room, holdem cramped, dark. These are the USD equivalents for the games offered: Displayed next to your comments. The World's Greatest Poker Player? Hats, Hoodies, and T-Shirts Want to look stylish at the poker tables with high quality poker apparel?

Bogota Poker Rooms Although the amount of poker in Bogota was disappointing especially considering the city's populationthis was still one of my favorite poker trips. Have you taken a poker trip that you would like to share?

Brashy Jean-Marc womanizing your bushwhack casinos poker texas holdem bogota Dousing postpaid? Giffard cleaning trudges harrying. Rockefeller Casino: Great for Texas Hold 'Em & Getting to Know Colombians Both my friend and I are avid poker players and we came to Bogota to party. Bogota has a total of 10 poker tables spread across 4 poker rooms. You play a number of poker games, including NL Texas Hold'em, Tournaments.