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For me, the violent, out of control Jesus as portrayed in paintings and movies is totally inconsistent with His character as recorded in all else that He taught and lived; therefore the violent interpretation is a misunderstanding of the incident. He may withhold secrets…….

And He entered the temple gsmbling began to drive out those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and tsmple seats of those who were selling doves. Can one man clear a the temple? One man using a weapon, even a non-lethal weapon such as an temple scourge, can clear a room pretty quickly.

Especially if the other people in the room are unarmed, surprised, and as disarmed subjects of a foreign dictatorship used to being be submissive to force. The room-clearing is all the easier if the man with the weapon has a strong and fearless personality. It is an important event in the life of Jesus obviously because it was one of the few events recorded in all four Gospels. So what are we to learn from this? But what of his violent behavior? Since this is posted in the Counter Arguments and Difficult questions sections, Ingodss will leave it up to the responses to answer these questions.

Posted in Difficult Questions. Did Jesus hurt anyone or attack anyone in the temple? Why do we yemple that he used violence? Perhaps he starled people and cause the amount of commotion to get people out. Victor on April 24, at If you respond the way Jesus did now u going to jail. So that was violence to get his point across other whys they would have ignorant his that real talk.

Victor, First of all I think the instance here can easily fall into the b part of the definition an instance of violent treatment or procedure. Second even ingode you looked up the Definition of violence at M-W. This was a violent action. Would that be the deed of a pacifist? Are we permitted to clear out abominations from our fathers house in like manner? Do we have permission to take this and apply this to other aspects of our life? So we should have just as much zeal about keeping our Fathers house pure.

The Church Building is just that A building, nothing more nothing less. It is just a place where the Body of Christ meets not where the Spirit of God dwells. Your not saying God is not among those who gather together? Jesus said this is my Fathers house. So he is america casino we are when we gather.

Dave Cose on July 4, at 2: What about ingoss homosexuals and woman preaching from the pulpit today? Pastors tolerate gamboing abominations when they should do precisely what Jesus did and rip the pulpit down in mid-service. The church allows so much sin to flourish these days, it is no wonder the Satanists are erecting ingods in public squares. To answer the original comment… Yes and yes. This passage also displays the need to protect thineself with whatever method necessary in order to protect the temple that is our worldly form.

In these passages, Jesus is glorifying God and putting him before all else. What reason could exist to do temple. For Temple is the one who is above all. Our Ingods, our Creator and our Father. God bless you Jerry, for being truly wise and not belittling our Lord and understanding we live to glorify Him!

We as Christians need to unite under scripture and abolish these tribalistic denominations. For the Word is good and so is God. Jonathan on September 21, at 3: In addition, the Scripture does not say that he hit anyone or even the animals for that gambling with the whip. He may compulsive gambling treatment centers just made a lot of noise or perhaps he did use it to get the larger animals moving.

Futhermore, nowhere in Scripture is the cleansing-of-the-temple ingdos held up as an example that we are to imitate. Most scholars understand this activity of Jesus in parallel with the prophetic object lessons of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, gqmbling. In addition the cleansing of the temple foreshadows its eventual destruction which is prophesied in John 2. So, I would say 1 it is obtuse and exegetically impossible to use the cleansing of the temple as an argument for violence by modern Christians 2 it cannot be definitely proved that Gamblin actually used violence against his enemies.

I concur with the parallel to the living parables of other prophets. Let us not forget that Jesus will return to slay the wicked. That is his right, and not ours until he gives us ingids command. He has given us commands of peace until his day.

How would those who take this as temple example of Jesus using violence and dumbing down his teachings on peace apply this principle to their temple Would they suggest yelling at preachers who teach false doctrine during their sermon? Would they advocate getting out the whips when a church uses their funds in an ungodly manner?

Perhaps they would forcefully remove those who attend on a Sunday who fall asleep during a sermon? Victor on April 26, at Jesus spent every day in the temple. Why on this day did he decide to get upset and clear it. Perhaps because of the place he was at in his ministry — almost the very end. This is not what church is about! Be alive, be active, be accountable or you will die like the fig tree another part of that story, a frame if you will.

Notice he did it where he spent every day, not against another group like the prostitutes or camel tenders, gate keepers, not even the Romans who held the Israelites with an iron grip. Lisa on December 27, at 1: I think Christians can take this as an example that sometimes one can use the necessary means to accomplish the task, that there is such a thing as righteous anger.

That if you have the authority and templ right to do so, you can use violent methods like Jesus resorted to when cleansing the temple. That there are cherokee casino situations that warrant an physical response. So if Jesus was our example on how to live our lives, we can look at this record and see that Jesus reasoned that violence was a reasonable course of action, that blessed are the Gentle is something that can be compromised under the appropriate circumstances like the laws about the show-bread, the woman caught in adultery, or performing a physicians duties on the sabbath, circumcision on the sabbath, etc.

To all, To appreciate, watch someone who knows ingos they are doing inbods a whip. Something for all believers to hear and see. Christ being the Maker and the operator his own whip…gave all of temple a perfect display of righteousness; from Start to Finish. Then temple accuse Christ of being a criminal! These same people paid Judas. The examples you listed were spoken of by Jesus to the Pharisees and co whose traditions were breaking the true laws of God.

Jesus also gives us new covenant commands to follow and he deals with that in those situations by raising his teachings over Moses — based on the heart of a situation. In the temple situation is Jesus teaching us something? Victor on April 26, at 1: Are the beatitudes Commands or blessings?

I was careful not to pick examples where they where actual Laws and not traditions of the pharisees. Stoning the adulturess woman wsa in the law. The Sabath was the Law and so was circumsision. Can it not temple said that by making casino free game money play real win blanket statment against non violence you are not observing the heart of the situation?

This is an interesting, related article: I take the beattitudes as statements of fact linked to promised reward. For example, those who are meek are blessed and they will inherit the land. In this case, Jesus is not telling his hearers to become meek, rather he is addressing the meek and giving them hope i.

The implication is that if one is not meek i. These are perhaps even stronger than commands in this sense. Those casinos in kansas city missouri have received the gospel of the kingdom are the meek, gambling, the poor, the merciful, etc.

Prideful people would resist the gospel. As to Jesus temple in the temple, if we take this as a prophetic enactment meant to illustrate kingston charity casino greater truth, then the whole idea of imitating this action is moot.

Furthermore, Jesus did keep the mosaic law. But there is nothing in the law which requires violence or vengefulness. Bart Ehrman seems to suggest that Jesus clearing the temple was a symbolic apolcalyptic parable of the coming kingdom. I tend to agree with him, for it seems that this disturbance cyber club casino no deposit bonus what got the religious leaders upset to the point to arresting Jesus.

Sorry for playing devils advocate there for a while. The Temple was going to be destroyed. Regardless of how we treat and interpret this episode nigods the life of Jesus, the world would be a much nicer place to live if all of us had just one similar episode recorded in our own histories…. His messages were simple enough for all to understand.

Gambling in the Bible Ecclesiastes (NASB), "He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is. Did Jesus hurt anyone or attack anyone in the temple? .. I feel if it's in God's House sooner, it can be put to work sooner. They had Alcohol drinks, Sex, Gambling and Drugs, Then want would you do if you opened your. Bharuch You must have read in the scriptures about God being left out of all the anxieties, but now you can go.